Montana Board of Oil and Gas Conservation

This page provides links to current reports and research of interest to oil and gas operators, other regulatory agencies and the public.

Sage Grouse Mitigation for Oil & Gas Operations on State School Trust Lands - Montana DNRC, Trust Lands Management Division (November 2007) (.pdf file)

Impacts of Oil and Gas Development on Greater Sage Grouse in Wyoming by Taylor Environmental Consulting (November 2007)(.pdf file)

• MBOGC Tongue River Information Program prepared by HydroSolutions, Inc. - 2007 Tongue River Hydrology Report (pdf - 7.9 MB) and 2007 Progress Report - Tongue River Agronomic Monitoring and Protection Program (pdf - 10.9 MB) ( June 2007)

• ALL Consulting- Greater Sage Grouse White Paper (March 2007) (.pdf file)

•Infomation for Surface and Mineral Owners: House Bill 790 Report and Split Estate Brochure