The Montana Board of Oil & Gas Conservation (MBOGC) was delegated Primacy over the Class II Underground Injection Control (UIC) Program in Montana effective November 19, 1996. The program was previously implemented directly by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region VIII office in Denver, Colorado. Notice of delegation was published in the Federal Register on the effective date of the program. The MBOGC's program is effective on all lands within the state that are NOT within Indian Lands (i.e., within the external boundaries of an Indian Reservation).In an effort to assist Montana injection well operators more easily understand the Board's new UIC program, the Board has decided to make selected information regarding the MBOGC's Class II UIC program available from the Internet. Additional information will be added as deemed appropriate or necessary. 

MBOGC Class II Injection Well Rules Federal EPA Guidance #34 for Aquifer Exemptions

A current UIC inventory and associated information is available using the Online Data Access system and clicking on "live data access"